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One-of-a-Kind MAXE Designs

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Please email or contact Molly directly @ (616)633-2060.  We will schedule a complimentary phone call or meeting at my studio to discuss your wedding, inspirational ideas, stationery needs, art ideas, and more. 

This will allow us both to ask any questions we have of each other. It will also allow me to gather the information I will need to provide you with an estimate as well as it will give me the opportunity to share with you what it is like to design together.


Upon approving your design quote estimate, a signed contract and a 50% deposit is required to begin the design process on your One-of-a-Kind Designs. 

Your One-of-a-Kind Designs will begin in my sketchpad becoming an original work of fine art to reflect only you and your story. 

Depending on the feel we are looking to create with your designs we may create a watercolor, an acrylic painting, a pastel work of art, we may use pencil, charcoal and more!  Our ideas are endless with your designs.


We’ll create a personalized timeline that will be communicated with all parties involved outlining what to expect during our designing together.


 A variety of designs will be emailed to you (this process will be discussed in more detail as we are designing together) and once your final designs have been selected we’ll review your final invitation design on a variety of paper samples for selection.  We’ll make changes to your One-of-a-Kind Designs until they are exactly as you've imagined —with no limit on revisions.


All materials are ordered and the invitation suite is printed. After reviewing each design, I will assemble and finalize your designs for pick up, shipping to you or mailing directly to each of your wedding guests. 

Your One-of-a-Kind Fine Art Designs will be finalized and ready for mailing to you or your guest in plenty of time of prior to your wedding or special event date.


MAXE Invitations Collection

Bespoke Invitations, Stationery, & Designs

Bespoke Invitations, Stationery, & Designs

Reserve Your Date

1.  To get started, please purchase our design deposit listing to lock your date into our production and design schedule.

Once your deposit has been received, we will get started on your custom MAXE Invitations – we’ll send our wedding details document, invitation wording ideas, and more including our design timeline for your wedding designs. 

We recommend 3.5 to 4 months before your wedding date to allow for us to make your revisions and your final designs reflect you two.

The security of starting our design process is knowing your wedding or special event has been added to our custom design calendar.  Yay!

Design specifics:

Each Complete MAXE Invitations Suite Set include: a single layer invitation (5x7"), a rsvp insert (4.25x5.5", postcard or with A2 mailing envelope), a guest information insert (4.25x4.5" to 4.25x6.75" double sided as well), an art wrap and seal design with matching mailing envelope.  Designs will have digital print finish. Mailing envelope addressing is available for $150.00 which includes your return address and guest mailing address in a digital print finish. 

Each Complete Invitation Suite Set (details included are available at: www.mollyaxe.com/ourdesignprocess/) is $6.00 plus shipping and tax (where applicable) with a minimum order of 50 invitation suite sets required. 

Above 50 Invitation Suite Sets you will only end up paying for the final count you end up needing.  We'll adjust and finalize your balance due prior to your final hard copy drafts are printed and final before printing of your wedding stationery designs. 

Final Approval

2. Once your custom designs have been created and finalized, we’ll send you digital proofs for review and print approval.

Once  your final balance has been paid, we’ll mail you hard copies of your final invite design on a variety of paper stocks for final selection and once you’ve made your choice we’ll get your beauties printed and on their way to you.

Printing, Assembly, & Shipping

3. Once we have received final approval for print, we’ll get started on your gorgeous designs (6 business days is our printing process). 

Your designs will come assembled for you and ready to mail to your guests minus your postage stamps.  If you happen to decide you’d like us to pick up your stamps (they are added to your balance due) and stamp everything (we’d love to help you) then all you have to do it take them to the post office or we’ll mail them directly to you guests for no additional cost.


Invitations are generally mailed 8 to 10 weeks prior to your wedding date. We encourage our clients to inquire as early as possible to ensure there is enough availability and time allowed for the creative process. We recommend ordering your MAXE Invitations 3.5 to 4 months prior to your wedding date.

For our One-of-a-Kind Fine Art Stationery Designs our most common timeline begins 8-9 months prior to your wedding.  I’ve designed in less time, as little as 4 months prior to the wedding.  

Give us a call (616) 633-2060 or drop me an email, let’s talk about your timeline and let's see what we can do!

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