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You are One-of-a-Kind & your designs will be too! Every design tells a One-of-a-Kind Story...yours! I can't wait to create your masterpiece!

One-of-a-Kind Fine Art Hand Crafted Wedding & Special Event Designs, Branding, Day of Designs, & More

Welcome to MAXE Designs my sweet friend!

Congrats to you on your wedding or special event you are planning! 


I am SO EXCITED you’ve taken the time to stop by to learn about what we do, to see our creative side, to see our designs, to see what our past clients have shared, & to see why we LOVE what we do!!  

Here you will find our passion, our excitement, our endless inspiration for our clients, the art we create, the designs & more!

We offer a wide variety of design options from our One-of-a-Kind Fine Art Invitations, Stationery, & Designs to our exclusive wedding collection of custom MAXE Invitations & Stationery Designs and more!

Thank you so much for your time & interest in Maxe Designs.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I can’t wait to create your One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece!

~ Molly

One-of-a-Kind Fine Art, Invitations, Stationery & Designs that are created to reflect only you,  your story & your Wedding or Special Events!

One-of-a-Kind Fine Art, Invitations, Stationery & Designs that are created to reflect only you,  your story & your Wedding or Special Events!

One-of-a-Kind MAXE Wedding Designs

YOU are One-of-a-Kind, & your designs will be too!  At MAXE Designs every design tells a One-of-a-Kind Story...YOURS! 

When you aren't sure what you are looking for, not sure of your style or aren't finding anything you like - this is where "MAXE will help you relax with this piece of your special event planning!" 

Call or email me today & let's get started on your One-of-a-Kind Designs! 

Call or email me today & let's get started on your One-of-a-Kind Designs! 

I specialize in One-of-a-Kind Everything - Fine Art, Bespoke Invitations, Stationery & Designs that are created to reflect only you, your wedding or special event & your story!  Our designs range in a variety of styles - with fine art & without.  Our designs start to finish are customized to fit only you and your style. 

And...from start to finish and everything in between, we offer a large variety of special event designs to carry your theme and style throughout your entire event. 

Elegant, classic, artsy, clean, romantic, vintage - whatever your style is, is what I'll create only for you! 

Even theme weddings & events:

A Batman - Wizard of Oz wedding, Gone with the Wind, Fairy Tale weddings, a Steampunk wedding, Chicago's World Fair, Alice in Wonderland & Wizard of Oz themed bridal shower invites, having an Arabic prayer included in our stationery designs & more. 

I've also had the amazing opportunity to create bilingual invitation suite sets for a variety of cultures - in Vietnamese, Polish, Spanish, & more.

Yes, One-of-a-Kind everything like you and your story! 

No need to stress, once we start talking about you & your story our ideas will be endless! 

And...when we are done designing for your wedding or special event, your designs will remain One-of-a-Kind.  The fine art & all of the designs we create for you will enter my MAXE Designs Hall of Fame, only being used for you.

Here you can sit back and let Maxe help you relax with this piece of your planning!  Let our inspiration begin!

Call or email me today and let's get started on your One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece! 

A collection of our One-of-a-Kind Maxe Wedding Designs

My special gift to you...

*Your One-of-a-Kind Art Stationery Suite will arrive in a custom hand-painted keepsake box with a recreation of the art I've created for your designs on the lid. This will give you a place to put all of those keepsakes from your wedding, honeymoon, and anniversaries in that just won't fit in a wedding book.  It's one more way I will express my sincere thanks for the incredible honor of designing with you and for trusting me to be part of your very special day."

Each One-of-a-kind design starts with original art created to reflect only YOU & your story!

MAXE Invitations - Our Exclusive Wedding Collection

If having a one-of-a-kind design is not up your alley but you are looking for an option to have a completely custom wedding design - you have arrived at the right place.

Our fully custom private line of designs is available for complete customization. Yes!  

To explore our private line of designs and for additional information, please visit

Couples' Choice Award 2015, 2016 & 2017

Couples' Choice Award 2015, 2016 & 2017

Sofia & Andrew's Fall Wedding 2016

"When you start the search of wedding invitations, you have two options - to do something generic from a stationary store or online, or to hire a designer and spend more on your invitations than on your entire wedding. Molly is neither of those things - she is an artist! After reading Molly's reviews, I had to contact her, and when I did I got the sweetest, friendliest email back. We met with her in person to start going over some ideas, I did not know what I wanted but I knew what I didn't want and she was very receptive to that. She showed us a book of past invitations and it really seemed like her talent was endless!

The best thing about Molly is she will work with you until it's exactly what you want, she doesn't put any restrictions on things, or tell you something can't be done. She will send you mock-ups and examples until it's perfect. We ended up with a 100% unique invitation that no one will ever have, and we feel that what we paid was incredibly reasonable.

You can tells he does this because she loves it, in her office there is a chalk board of all the names of her current couples. Molly also understands that weddings are a living thing, and sometimes you have months or sometimes you have weeks to get these out the door and she is very easy to work with in terms of when your invites go to print or when you will receive them. Most of her services are a la carte, and she gives you many options so you never feel like you are choosing a package that may not fit your needs.

She is a wonderful person, very easy to talk to, to be around and was simply a joy to work with! My only regret is that my wedding is over and I don't get to continue designing with Molly! "

- Sofia & Andrew, 9-30-16


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