Your walls are calling my friend!


Welcome to My Artist Shop!

Welcome to what we are passionate about, our love for what we do, our clients, what happens when we are inspired and just messing around with different art mediums.

All of our works of art have been inspired by life & cherished moments. Each of our creations tell a One-of-a-Kind Story.

Our My Artist Shop Collection of Art & Designs are ready to complement your style & add to your inspiration!!

Intersections 2 My Artist Shop MAXE Designs 2018.jpg


In life we have many intersections. those things that just happen, make an impact, change us, & sometimes when those intersections happen we have no idea why but in time, it all makes sense.

Intersections was inspired by those moments. Reminding us to embrace what life throws at us, to stay strong, & to be true to who you are.

I hope when you look at my painting it inspires you to take a step back, see your own work of art inside it, & remember who you are. FEEL INSPIRED! BE YOU! ~ Molly

Our pieces include works of art from our Art Prize Collection, our MAXE Inspiration Collection, our I love Blue Collection, our Everyone needs a little red, our home décor custom sign selection and with more of our fine art pieces to come.

Some of our pieces are in the process of being finalized for our site. Please drop me a note if you there’s one you currently don’t see that’s in our images and I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Guess what’s coming!! Beach themes, nautical and more inspired pieces are already in the works! YAY!!

**Please take a moment to “click” into each work of art. You’ll see additional images & will have the opportunity to understand the inspiration behind its creation.**

Your walls are calling my friend!!

Our Fine Art Designs are available in a variety of sizes, fine art prints including sets of 3 or more prints coming, (both on smooth 100lb stock and 140lb watercolor stock), canvas sheet prints all ready for framing, or wood framed canvas (this is the framing behind a stretched canvas what you see in many of the large canvas images shown).

**Did you know that when you purchase one of our fine art prints in our canvas sheet or our wood framed canvas finish I’ll hand paint a few details of the painting on the finished work of art for you. How awesome is that?! Our own special touch only for you. **

Custom fine art creations are also encouraged and we LOVE to create them. Please contact me today for your free consultation and we’ll explore what inspires you!

Whether our fine art is for your home or office, your walls are calling my sweet friends! Thank you so much for your time and for stopping by.

Keep smiling,


~ your artist & designer


Fine Art Designs & Fine Art Prints - Custom Holiday & Special Occasion Cards - Custom Everyday Cards - Business Logo, Marketing & Designs - Home Décor Signs

Feel free to explore our My Artist Shop Collection!

I can’t wait to see where our fine art fits in your space!

Please note:

All final designs and art are under ownership of Molly Axe and Maxe Designs.  By purchasing any art, art prints or any designs from Molly Axe & MAXE Designs you are agreeing that purchased pieces are not authorized for recreation, to sell, or for publication outside of Molly Axe and MAXE Designs LLC.

Additional Print Information:

Each of our prints for our 100lbs smooth stock & 140lb watercolor stock will have an inch border within the given print paper size of 11x14" and 12x18". For the Canvas Sheet Prints and Wood Framed Stretched Canvas Prints will have edge to edge art. There are some art prints that will have a greater border due to the size of the original work of art.