"Wonder" a Molly Axe Original - Fine Art Print

"Wonder" a Molly Axe Original - Fine Art Print

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Welcome my sweet friend to our painting Wonder!

Wonder is filled with pleasure that has been inspired by new, happy moments that have happened in my life. Wonder has been created on canvas with acrylics including deep purple, white, silver, and a variety of browns.

The value I hope this art brings is that everyone sees it differently and it creates a sense of wonder that allows us to not question why things happen but to just let things happen as they fall. Enjoy!

Our painting is offered as a Fine Art Print with our 100lb smooth stock, 140lb watercolor stock, as a sheet canvas print - all 3 are ready for framing or you have the option to select a framed canvas print (this would be a wooden frame support that the canvas is stretched over).

When you order our watercolor, sheet canvas or framed canvas, I’ll add some hand painted touches to your fine art print.

You won’t go wrong with whichever stock option you choose. This fine art will add inspiration where ever you display it in your home or office. Your walls are calling my friend!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Thank you so much & keep smiling,


~your artist & designer

Shown in ArtPrize 6

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**Colors in the art images may be slightly different than the fine art print you receive.