"Intersections" a Molly Axe Original - Fine Art Print

"Intersections" a Molly Axe Original - Fine Art Print

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Welcome my sweet friend to our painting, Intersections!

In life we have many intersections. those things that just happen, make an impact, change us, & sometimes when those intersections happen we have no idea why but in time, it all makes sense.

Intersections was inspired by those moments. Reminding us to embrace what life throws at us, to stay strong, & to be true to who you are.

I hope when you look at my painting it inspires you to take a step back, see your own work of art inside it, & remember who you are. FEEL INSPIRED! BE YOU!

Our painting is offered as a Fine Art Print in either our original neutral tones or with a deeper grey art finish with our 100lb smooth stock, 140lb watercolor stock, as a sheet canvas print - all 3 are ready for framing or you have the option to select a framed canvas print (this would be a wooden frame support that the canvas is stretched over).

When you order our watercolor, sheet canvas or framed canvas, I’ll add some hand painted touches to your fine art print.

You won’t go wrong with whichever stock option you choose. This fine art will add inspiration where ever you display it in your home or office. Your walls are calling my friend!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Thank you so much & keep smiling,


~your artist & designer

Shown in ArtPrize 7

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All final designs and art are under ownership of Molly Axe and Maxe Designs.  By purchasing any art or any designs from Molly Axe & MAXE Designs you are agreeing that purchased pieces are not authorized for recreation, to sell, or for publication outside of Molly Axe and MAXE Designs LLC.

**Colors in the art images may be slightly different than the fine art print you receive.